LearnTask Create Induction & Reference Learning Portal for Jesuit College

IHS_200Crescent College Comprehensive SJ Limerick is reaping the benefits of its early adoption of a pioneering eLearning Solution from LearnTask (www.learntask.com).

“Learntask has provided both a Learning Tool and a Resource for the different Constituent Groups in Crescent College Comprehensive S.J. Having initially built the course as an Induction and Formation Course for those new to Crescent and also to the Irish Jesuit Province, it has become widely used by teachers, parents and students. It has been an excellent means of sharing our history, identity and valued school ethos in a user friendly way and as an essential way of carrying our Ethos forward to those who will take charge of it in the future.” Grainne Delaney, Coordinator of Ignation Ethos at Crescent College.

News Spread to Fellow Jesuit Communities

Such is LearnTask’s success that other Jesuit Colleges in Ireland are also using it as a learning tool for all things Jesuit. School prefects have taken the course also which confirms for them that their experience of Holistic Education, forming men and women of Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment, is a well planned and deliberate approach.

“The most unexpected value of the Course is that it is now a school resource both in and outside the classroom which can be called on with ease and used in fragments to support other work.” says Grainne Delaney.

The Recorded Benefits to Crescent College

  • Intuitive to use
  • Customised with our logos and brand
  • Content can be added to with ease
  • Multiple audiences catered for – Staff, Students & Parents of our school community
  • From consultation to deployment it was easy
  • Immediate return on investment, we own our training material, it is available on demand, no extra resources required

With over  20 years IT project management experience across  Ireland and the UK, LearnTask’s Founder, Jason McGee, saw a gap in the traditional training market –  the need for a quality training solution that was built around specific training demands, accessible remotely across all devices, scalable for growth and could be maintained by the client after deployment.

The Learntask LMS platform enables clients to build their own online training courses without the need for new software or specific technical skills. From Education, professional services to manufacturing – Learntask provides a low cost solution to training compliance and the skills challenges of staff.

 “Training has always been a drain on resources across all sectors specifically because it can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to manage. Learntask has broken through those barriers to allow companies to take control of their training needs” says McGee.

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