Learntask adds Gamification to online courses

atariCourse gamification is an important element to encourage students or staff to complete courses by awarding points based on achievements. The idea is simple. For example if you have a compliance course that your employees must do but they think it may not be a priority or that interesting then award points for completing modules, units or scoring well on tests so that they will rank on a Leaderboard that is accessible to all. You could award a prize or highlight high achievers as a reward. Learntask LMS now supports gamification via Achievements to that you can setup rules to award points each time a student achieves a milestone. A leaderboard is automatically built into the portal once Achievements has been enabled so all of your students/staff will rank. Point are added automatically so there is no additional admin overhead for the Portal Manager.  The natural competitive element will add to course completions.

Take the demo course for yourself now.