ELearning Trends for 2015

2015 is just around the corner so find out what the trends are for eLearning in the new year with Learntask LMS. We take a look at changes in technology and what customers using LMS systems are asking for :-

  1. M-Learning – Mobile learning is becoming the predominant platform for learning material ensuring that content is designed for smaller screens and is easily accessible anywhere from any mobile device.
  2. Cloud Based LMS – Having the authoring tools and content based in the Cloud provides enhanced flexibility to write and review content no matter where you are.
  3. Customisation – Authoring should facilitate multiple content types eg audio, video, animation instead of just repeated format from one module to the next.
  4. Gamification – Users are shown to remember 90% of course content where game mechanics are introduced as part of the learning experience.
  5. Reduced Costs – The Costs / Benefit Case for eLearning is becoming clearer as the cost of implementing an LMS as a SAAS easily compares against travel, trainer and materials costs.

Thankfully – ┬áLearntask LMS is Cloud based LMS which allows authors to easily customise course content and include gamification into online courses.

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