Dash.ie to offer Online Computer Security Courses

Louth based IT company Dash.ie have been quick to react to the Worldwide Cyber attack which affected over 200 countries and thousands of businesses by offering Online Cyber Security training to their exisiting customers. They currently offer a range of computer security services and audits to their client base but are now extending the service to include Elearning Courses for customers who are too busy to attend classes in person. “Our clients recognise the need to educate their staff against phishing attacks so that they become “human firewalls – but freeing them up to attend classroom based courses is a problem” said Dalton Dullaghan from Dash. “So we are offering these courses online so that they can take them at any time – on any device”. The courses come with course progress indicators and course completion certs so that company owners can be confident that there staff are full aware of all online threats.

Visit https://dash.learntask.com for more information.