This course covers everything you need to know about getting your busines setup to sell goods or services online.

Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Course Tutor
Unit 3Course Overview
Unit 4Agenda
Module 2Selling Online
Unit 1Advantages
Unit 2Requirements
Unit 3How It Works
Module 3Case Studies
Unit 1Case Studies
Module 4Ecommerce Platforms
Unit 1Ecommerce Platforms
Unit 2Woocommerce
Unit 3Shopify
Unit 4Paypal Me
Module 5Payment Processors
Unit 1Payment Processors
Unit 2Which Processor
Module 6Focus On Paypal
Unit 1Paypal Merchants
Unit 2Paypal Fees
Module 7Product Catalogue
Unit 1Product Catalogue
Module 8Delivery Options
Unit 1Delivery Options
Unit 2Refunds Policy
Module 9Top Tips
Unit 1Top Tips
Module 10Marketing
Unit 1Getting Customers
Unit 2Google My Business
Unit 3Google Ads
Unit 4Facebook Ads
Module 11Conclusion
Unit 1Conclusion