Big Business targets eLearning – LinkedIn and Lynda

linkedinLyndaThis week saw the aquisition of the eLearning platform by Linkedin for a whopping 1.5 billion dollars. Its the first significant purchase by the business networking platform and signals a shift by LinkedIn to harness the power of eLearning as part of its network. The deal is sure to enhance LinkedIn’s hiring business where job seekers could access the courses required for new job positions via the platform.

Companies want trained employees – employees seek the training to get the jobs. So on paper its a match made in heaven and another signal that the move is away from traditional classroom based training to online training. Companies are now recognising the value of DIY training where companies are authoring their own courses  via LMS platforms and employess are accessing courses on a self service model. They can take courses on demand, on the move at a time that suits them rather than a scheduled classroom scenario where travel and staffing costs come into play.

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