3 reasons to train Generation Y staff via eLearning

macbook-air-iphone-moleskinSo Gen-Y staff already know it all and come to your company looking to be engaged and rewarded for their talent. So how do you train them in  a way that is insightful and effective so they can drive you companies sales? eLearning can be used to impart top class training to your new recruits for the following reasons:-

1. Self Service Training – Traditional classroom based training session are costly and time consuming. So eLearning allows your company to deploy the very latest training updates in an “on demand” model so staff can consume at time of their choosing. They can effectively use the training resource as a “job aid” so they are better informed and have the answers when your customers ask the questions.

2. Bite Sized Training  – Everyone knows that Gen-Y have grown up and been educated in World with lots of online and offline distractions so attention spans may be shorter. eLearning allows your company to break training materials up into shorter sections which are easier to consume, retain and revisit.

3. Mobile Training – As the classroom training model becomes less popular – materials can be deployed out to mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. The Gen-Y may start the training session on the desktop at work, continue on the smartphone on the train on the way home and then finish on a tablet device later on.

Thankfully Learntask LMS fully supports – Self Service, Bite Sized and Mobile Training and to find out more take one of our Demos or Contact Us to get some of your course content into a custom prototype.