1. Can learners access any outside content on your LMS platform?

Yes, LearnTask can support the use of external content. You can see an example of an external YouTube video on the Allergen Awareness Demo Course.

2. Can the assessment only be done through multiple choice quizzes? Is there an option free response answers?

Yes, LearnTask also supports multiple choice, single response, Yes/No, free response and uploads.

3. Can you customize certificates?

Yes, LearnTask can support certificate customization for backgrounds, but will still need standard information such as name, course title, date taken, and the course instructor’s name.

4. What features are given to the administrators? Can they track a learners progress? Can they send reminders?

LearnTask comes with a dashboard where you will find the users are listed each with a progress indicator displaying percent complete. This links to the individual course record and scorecard for each of your course participants. The administrators can create, edit and manage course content and student logins.

5. What is the extent of customer reporting?

The grade book report can be printed or exported to Excel so information can be further manipulated and sorted.

6. Can the LMS be implemented in different languages?

Yes, this can be done through the Google translator plug in. But this will mean that any pictures or text included would not be translated.